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Night Rating

The Night Rating can be added to a LAPL or PPL

Is this rating for you? 

The privileges of the night rating allow pilots to fly during darkness and official night. (30 mins after sunset until 30 mins before sunrise). The night rating is a mandatory requirement for those who are training towards a Commercial Pilots Licence. 

You will need to hold a Part MED CLASS 2 Medical Certificate.

The rating does not expire. However, under the 90 day passenger carrying rule, 1 landing must have been conducted at night during the last 90 days.

What are the training requirements?


Subjects covered 

  • Air law - Night rules

  • Human performance

  • Meteorology

  • Communications

  • Radio Navigation

  • Approach and circuit procedures

  • Flight Planning & Performance

  • Threat & Error Management

Practical training 

A minimum of 5 hours flight time; 

  • 3 hours must be dual training

  • 1 hour must be solo, including 5 full stop landings

The training will also cover:

  • Abnormal & Emergency procedures 

  • Basic Instrument Flight

  • Inadvertent IMC 

  • Spatial Disorientation

  • Unusual attitude recognition and recovery

Study & Exams 

  • Ground school

  • No skills test

  • No written exam 

The night rating can be incorporated into the training for a PPL.

LAPL holders wishing to add night privileges must undergo basic instrument flying before training for the night rating. 

We offer mentoring and currency training for any night rated pilots.

£240 per hour

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